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Program requirements

Together, we are serving the Treasure Valley through shelter.


Applicant Requirements

Housing Need

Your current housing must be inadequate due to problems with structure, water, sewer, electrical, failure to meet city standards, or does not provide bedrooms appropriate for the number, age, and gender of your children, or if you are spending greater than 30% of your gross monthly income on housing. Additionally, if you are currently living in transitional housing or living with friends or relatives, your current housing or environment is unsafe for children, or is inaccessible for a family member with a handicap, or your current housing structure creates hardship, interferes with living, or is unsafe or hurting the family, you may qualify.

Willingness to Partner

Each applicant must be willing to complete a minimum of 200 Partnership Hours. In addition, your family and friends must complete a total of 100 hours.


You must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident, and you must reside or work in Ada County.


You must have proof of continuous income for the last 12 continuous months.

Attend Meetings

You must attend ONE Program Orientation Meeting during an open application period. Dates and times will be posted here.

Ability to Pay

Ability to pay a no-interest, no-profit mortgage. The mortgage payment on your new house (including principal, property tax, and insurance) cannot be greater than 30% of your income. When you close on your new home, you will be expected to save $1,500 towards the down payment. No judgements, collections, or bankruptcy in the past 12 months. Your current debt must not be greater than 43% of your income. You must have good payment history on a minimum of three accounts for the past 12 months with no more than 60 days overdue on two accounts.

Meet Income Guidelines

Your income must be within current HUD income guidelines (see chart), and you must meet our debt to income ratio requirements.

The 2023 application period has closed as of Friday, April 28, 2023. Please check back for future application periods.

Required Information & Documents

  1. Fill out the application completely and sign the last page in three places.
  2. Fill out the Applicant Data Record. If you do not wish to furnish the information, please check the first box.
  3. Fill out the Language Declaration.
  4. If you have wages or retirement paid to you from an employer, you must provide:
    1. COPIES of the past two (2) months’ paycheck stubs*.
      1. *Paycheck stubs must show company name, date range, gross income, all deductions, and net pay.
    2. If you have been at your current job for less than 12 months, provide a copy of your last paycheck stub.
  5. If you have government assistance income (SSD, SSI, Social Security, or VA), you must provide COPIES of the most recent official letters for each source.
  6. Provide COPIES of your 2022 federal tax return - form 1040 pages 1&2 (or front and back), plus all W-2’s and or 1099’s.
  7. If the applicant does not have three credit references with activity during the last 12 months that will show up on a credit report they must provide letters or statements from their landlord and two companies such as Idaho Power, Intermountain Gas, phone company, or insurance company showing 12 months of on-time payments. Note: the statements MUST show charges AND payments.
  8. SELF-EMPLOYED: If you are self-employed (i.e., you own your own business, drive for Uber, Lyft, or food delivery, own a daycare, work as an interpreter, etc.) you MUST call the office at (208) 331-2916 and make an appointment for further instructions on completing your application.

Note: If you need help filling out your application, please call the office at (208) 331-2916 to make an appointment. You are responsible for providing copies of all documents. We are unable to make copies.

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Welcome to Treasure Valley Habitat for Humanity! Formerly known as Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity, we are excited to announce our name change as we expand our services to now serve Ada and Canyon Counties. Rest assured, we continue to provide the same life-changing housing and repairs programs and support to our community.